Mechaworldu! Overdrive

Here are a few ideas for expanding last week's minigame, Mechaworldu!


Three or more mechs may attempt to enter a formation. Choose Speed, Power, Guts, or Smarts. Each player entering the formation rolls and adds the appropriate attribute. Every mech in the formation gets +1 to rolls of the appropriate attribute and -1 to all other rolls.

You can leave a formation at any time to get +1 to any roll; you cannot attempt to enter a formation for the rest of the fight. A formation holds as long as there are three or more mechs in it.


Two or more mechs can combine into a single larger mech. This super-mech works at a larger scale than normal mechs, just as normal mechs work at a larger scale than pilots.

Each mech in the combination contributes one of its systems to the super-mech. Two mechs cannot contribute identical systems. The player who's mech contributed the system controls it and makes rolls for it using their pilot's attributes. Players must decide as a group what the super-mech does.

The super-mech can take 3 Hits. Additional damage is dealt to individual mechs. If a mech takes its 3 Hits, it is removed from the combination (blown off, discarded, whatever).

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