Thordar and the Orcs

I play in a bi-weekly GURPS game run by the fine +Christian Blouin in which a party of dwarves (and one elf hanger-on) have led an army from the Lonely Mountain to retake Moria in Tolkien's Middle Earth. My character is Thordar, the swashbuckling eunuch spymaster to Viceroy Bain.

This week's session featured Thordar cut off from the rest of the dwarven forces by a cave-in which he had not properly timed. Making his way through the near-total darkness, he came upon an orc sentry post manned by a half-dozen orc warriors. Being macho and overconfident, Thordar charged in to dispatch the hated orcs. Alone, against six-to-one odds, with only his trusty smallsword and an ancient knife he had found in a Moria treasure-horde.

It was some of the most fun I've had gaming in a long time. Since the fight ended up taking the entire session (we play for about 2 hours via G+ Hangout and Roll20), Christian let the other players take control of the orcs, and the guys did their best to kill poor Thordar. In the end, I had killed three and the others fled after their sergeant deserted them. Of course, I was at 1 HP with an arrow sticking out of my side and my hand nearly crippled by a broadsword stroke. In all, a fairly balanced encounter, though my dice rolling got progressively worse as the night wore on.

I can't wait to see how Thordar gets out of this one, but next session we'll go back to see how the rest of the party is doing exploring deeper into the mines.

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