Convergence Stunts

In Rituals and Convergences, I presented the idea of using ritual magic (in the form of a challenge) to imbue a scene with aspects and stunts as a magical convergence. As a mechanical framework and a narrative device, a convergence is perfect for hanging other rules off, including character stunts.

The Fate System Toolkit introduces the concept of triggered stunts. These stunts trigger off a particular circumstance, require a skill roll, and have an effect based on whether the skill roll succeeds or succeeds with style.

Triggered stunts relating to convergences allow individual characters to leverage a convergence for additional effect. This can represent a ritualist's personal expertise, even if they enacted the convergence with others.

My Fellows' Strength: When you participate in a ritual of convergence with allies, roll Lore against Fair (+2) opposition. If you succeed, you gain a free invoke of one ally's aspect. If you succeed with style, you get a free invoke on one aspect of any two allies (or a free invoke of two of their aspects if you enacted the ritual with a single ally).

Or a convergence can imbue a scene with a triggered stunt. Any character who has access to the stunt can make use of it when it would trigger.

Life Drain: When you inflict a physical consequence on an opponent, roll Will against your opponent's Will. If you succeed, you may invoke that consequence to clear all of your physical stress boxes. If you succeed with style, you may do so for free.

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