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Martial Power

A few weeks ago, I wrote about games I'd like to play. One of those games would be a high-powered GURPS fantasy game. Alongside Divine Favor and Sorcery, I want a power for martial characters that includes cinematic skills, imbuements, and a few combat-related abilities. Here's a writeup for such a power.


Sources: Martial.
Focus: Combat-related abilities relevant to trained soldiers.

This power requires the Code of Honor (Soldier) [-10] disadvantage. If the character breaks this Code of Honor, he loses access to all Martial abilities immediately. To regain them, he must spend a week away from other missions to atone, train, and reconnect with his fellow soldiers.

Martial Talent

15 points/level
In addition to rolls to use Martial abilities, this talent also added to the following cinematic and imbuement skills: Blind Fighting, Breaking Blow, Flying Leap, Immovable Stance, Kiai, Power Blow, Pressure Points, Pressure Secrets, Throwing Art, Zen Archery; Arching Shot, Bank Shot, Crippling Blow, Far Shot, Fatiguing Strike, Forceful Blow, Penetrating Strike, Stealthy Attack, Stupefying Blow, Supreme Control, and Traumatic Blow.

Martial Abilities

Arm ST; Blunt Claws; Combat Reflexes; Damage Resistance (with Tough Skin); Danger Sense; Daredevil; Enhanced Defenses; Enhanced Move 0.5 (Ground); Extra Attack; Imbue; Heroic Archer; High Pain Threshold; Injury Tolerance (Damage Reduction); Lifting ST; Luck (Aspected, Combat or Defensive); Striking ST; Trained By a Master; Weapon Master.

Power Modifier: Martial (-10%). The advantage is part of the Martial power.

Edit (10/24/2014): Added Heroic Archer to Martial Abilities list. Added Blind Fighting to Martial Talent skill list.

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