Save Game: A World of Adventure for Fate Core

The latest Patreon-sponsored World of Adventure for Fate Core is available now. Save Game mixes the nostalgic action of classic video games with infection horror. A virus known as the Glitch has infected the island of Tendoria, and its greatest heroes are now Zeroes, corrupted and creepy.

Designer Rob Wieland has done a fine job pastiching the 8-bit video game generation. His influences are pretty clear if you know where to look, but the Zeroes and their realms are more than just your favorite games with a new coat of paint. Doc Chompah is clearly Pac-Man (with a bit of Doctor Mario thrown in), but Good's Mile Hospital takes the labyrinth of that game and turns it into Silent Hill. Castle Tempylvania infuses the gothic atmosphere of Castlevania with the hall-of-mirrors tension of a spy thriller as its Zero, Agent Brad DeVries fights against both the Glitch and his own vampiric heritage.

+Evil Hat Productions is procuring some of the best art in gaming for these worlds, and Save Game is no different. +Brian Patterson has produced a phenomenal selection of illustrations in his usual style, dripping with 80s video game flavor.

The other side of the look of Save Game comes from +Fred Hicks' layout. It reinforces the look with little touches from the cut-out corners on text boxes to the font for locked and unlocked actions in the skills section. And of course, the heart icons in each stat block will trigger your lizard brain every time.

Save Game is available as a Pay-What-You-Want PDF on DriveThruRPG now. If you like it, consider supporting the Evil Hat Patreon to get early looks at upcoming worlds.

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