Dreams in Action

The following ultra-tech drug lets you play the dream operatives of Inception in your GURPS Action campaign. To create such characters, you can use the Dream Operative lens with any of the templates in GURPS Action 1: Heroes.

Oneirozine: Developed for military training, this drug opens the user’s mind to the dreams of other users around them. With proper sedation and monitoring, a group using oneirozine can create entire realities within one member’s subconscious. Together, they can explore these worlds, and anyone with the Dreaming skill can change elements of the dream as they go. One dose of oneirozine lasts 24-hours, so most users will require additional drugs to remain asleep for the full period. Injection. $4,750 per dose. LC2.

Dream Operator

20 points
You have been trained to create and explore dreams using drugs like oneirozine. The best dream operators have much in common with intelligence operatives, so you possess many skills of real-world spies.

Skills: Dreaming (H) Will-1 [2]. • 18 points chosen from Filch or Stealth, both (A) DX [2]; Area Knowledge (any) or Current Affairs (any), both (E) IQ+1 [2]; Architecture, Holdout, Interrogation, Research, Shadowing, or Smuggling, all (A) IQ [2]; Brainwashing, Cryptography, Forgery, Intelligence Analysis, Pharmacy (Synthetic), or Psychology, all (H) IQ-1 [2]; Observation or Search, both (A) Per [2]; 2 more points in any lens skill to raise it by one level; or 6 more points to raise it by two.

Social Traits: Officially sanctioned operators must take their template’s Duty and may spend some of its advantage points (or leftover lens points) on Intelligence Rank 0-4 [5/level].


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