Dead Scare on Kickstarter

Exploding Rogue Studios is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for Dead Scare, "an RPG of blood-spattered white picket fences." Here's the pitch: it's 1953, and a Soviet bioweapon has kicked off the zombie apocalypse. You play the women and children left to protect each other when the men return from the office craving tasty flesh.

Dead Scare is written by +Elsa S. Henry, backed by a list of amazing women, and as stretch goals are unlocked, will include essays on America in the 1950s, including locations, social issues, and apocalyptica. The game is powered by the Apocalypse, with playbooks including The Wife, The Grandmother, The Troublemaker, The Scout, The Soviet Spy, and The Infected.

Right now, the Dead Scare Kickstarter is just over 52% completed with 13 days to go. Available pledge levels get you the PDF or the print book, but you can also have a picture of an important woman in your life turned into an illustration by artist Elizabeth Simins or even pitch a fake 1950s-style advertisement to appear in the book. Head over to Kickstarter and check out Dead Scare for a unique look at zombies, gaming, and Americana.

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