Dragonmarked House Backgrounds for 5e

Wizards has released its first Unearthed Arcana article, and it's a doozy: updating the major races and some of the other setting material from the Eberron campaign setting to 5e. When I read it, I immediately thought that it was missing backgrounds, particularly for the dragonmarked houses. So here's my take on one.

Dragonmarked House Member

You are a member in good standing of one of the thirteen Dragonmarked Houses that wield political and economic power across Khorvaire. You have access to the house's network of experts, and your membership opens doors for you in every nation.

Skills, Tools, and Languages: Varies by house.

  • Cannith: Arcana, History; any two artisan's tools of your choice.
  • Deneith: Insight, Stealth; two languages of your choice.
  • Ghallanda: History, Persuasion; brewer's supplies, cook's utensils.
  • Jorasco: Medicine, Persuasion; herbalist's kit, poisoner's kit.
  • Kundarak: Intimidation, Investigation; games set (any), mason's tools.
  • Lyrandar: Acrobatics, Nature; navigator's tools; one language of your choice.
  • Medani: Insight, Perception; thieves' tools; one language of your choice.
  • Orien: Athletics, Survival; vehicle (land or water); one language of your choice.
  • Phiarlan/Thuranni: Persuasion, Stealth; disguise kit, thieves' tools.
  • Sivis: Deception, Insight; calligrapher's supplies; one language of your choice.
  • Tharashk: Investigation, Survival; cartographer's tools, one gaming set of your choice.
  • Vadalis: Animal Handling, Nature; herbalist's kit, leatherworker's tools.
Equipment: A set of well-made clothes, identification papers, a symbol of your guild, and a purse containing 25 gp.

Feature: Use the Position of Privilege feature from the Noble background.

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