A Captain and Her Ship for Interstellar Patrol

Here's a sample character and starship for Interstellar Patrol, my FAE campaign frame of optimistic sci-fi.

Captain Maya Riley

High Concept: Charming Commander
Trouble: Rivals in the Fleet
Other Aspects: A Lover and a Fighter; Hold It Together; Unorthodox Tactician


Good (+3) Flashy
Fair (+2) Clever, Forceful
Average (+1) Careful, Quick
Mediocre (+0) Sneaky


  • Because I sit in the big chair, I get +2 when I Flashily defend against bluffs, feints, or misdirection in a ship conflict.
  • Because I have lover in every port, once per session I can declare that a civilian NPC is one and gain their assistance in the plot of the week.
  • Because I am an inspiring leader, I get +2 when I Cleverly create an advantage that organizes my crew and gives them a clear plan of action.

Starship Endeavor

Propulsion: Space-Warp Engines
Tactical: Phase Beams & Torpedoes
Sensors: Broad-Spectrum Ultrascanners
Amenities: Close Quarters
Other Aspects: Always the Closest Ship


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