Illuminati University Patented Self-Defense Training

Illuminati University Patented Self-Defense Training

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This basic self-defense style is taught at IOU as MART102. Students learn to disarm and disable attackers by attacking sensitive areas. Ongoing practice is available through the Student Martial Arts Club as well as by fighting off over-zealous recruiters for psychological studies, escaped biotech experiments, and debt collectors.

Skills: Karate, Judo.
Techniques: Breakfall (Judo), Disarming (Judo), Evade (Judo), Eye-Rake (Karate), Knee Strike (Karate), Stamp Kick (Karate), Targeted Attack (Karate Knee Strike/Groin), Targeted Attack (Karate Stamp Kick/Foot), Targeted Attack (Karate Stamp Kick/Neck), Trip (Judo).
Cinematic Skills: Kiai, Pressure Points.
Cinematic Techniques: Presure-Point Strike (Pressure Points), Roll with Blow (Judo).
Perks: Improvised Weapons (Karate), Technique Adaptation (Disarming).

Optional Traits

Perks: Drunken Fighting.
Skills: Area Knowledge (IOU), Survival (IOU).
Techniques: Double Eye-Poke (Karate), Eye-Poke Defense (Karate).


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