A Few Rituals for GURPS Ritual Path Magic

Just a few random rituals I dredged up from my GURPS notes.

Immortality by Degree

Spell Effects: Greater Strengthen Body.
Inherent Modifiers: Altered Traits.
Greater Effects: 1 (¥3).

The ritual halts the aging process for one year.

Typical Casting: Greater Strengthen Body (3) + Altered Traits, Unaging (15) + Duration, 1 year (22). 120 energy (40 ¥ 3).


Spell Effects: Lesser Sense Energy.
Inherent Modifiers: Altered Traits, Absolute Direction.
Greater Effects: 0 (x1).

This spell grants the subject the ability to sense the Earth's magnetic field. By orienting himself with this field, he gains the Absolute Direction advantage for 1 hour. 

Typical Casting: Lesser Sense Energy (2) + Altered Traits, Absolute Direction (5) + Duration, 1 hour (3). 10 energy (10x1).

Transcribe Memory

Spell Effects: Lesser Transform Mind + Lesser Transform Matter.
Inherent Modifiers: Altered Traits, Delusion.
Greater Effects: 0 (x1).

A single memory is removed from the subject's mind and transcribed onto a physical writing medium (loose paper, notebook, etc.) within reach in whatever words the subject would use to relate it. For one week, the subject cannot remember the memory transcribed; it simply does not exist in his mind. (This has the benefit of making it impossible to access the memory with other spells or powers.)

At the end of the week, the text disappears and the memory returns to the subject. Alternately, the memory may return if the subject reads the transcription before the duration expires; this is especially true if the subject was unwilling.

Other versions of this spell exist that transcribe large sections of memory with Greater Transform Mind and a more serious Delusion or that store the memory in a digital medium with Lesser Transform Energy. It is possible to make copies of the transcription that remain after the memory is returned to the subject.

Typical Casting: Lesser Transform Mind (8) + Lesser Transform Matter (8) + Altered Traits, Delusion (1) + Duration, 1 week (9). 26 energy (26x1).


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