Doctor Who: The Half-Face Man

The new season of Doctor Who premiered over the weekend with the feature-length episode "Deep Breath." We were introduced to the new 12th Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. Along with returning companion Clara, the Doctor uncovered a group of ancient robots that had been replacing their components with human parts. The leader of the robots was the Half-Face Man, who had become so human that he even longed for a promised land the Doctor assured him was only superstition. Of course, the Doctor doesn't know everything...

Here is my take on stats for the Half-Face Man for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space.

Half-Face Man

Awareness 2
Coordination 3
Ingenuity 4
Presence 2
Resolve 4
Strength 4


Fighting 1, Knowledge 2, Marksman 3, Medicine 1, Science 2, Subterfuge 1, Technology 2, Transport 1


Cyborg (only from the other direction)
Dependency (Minor): The Half-Face Man has been replacing worn out parts with human organs for uncounted centuries.
Fear Factor: The Half-Face Man is pretty scary when you get a good and close look at him. He gets +2 on rolls to actively scare someone.
Natural Weapon - Combustion Arm: The Half-Face Man has a plasma torch concealed in his arm that is powerful enough to thoroughly combust a giant dinosaur (4/L/L).
Obsession: The Half-Face Man is obsessed with reaching "the promised land" - a goal the Doctor eventually helps him achieve.
Slow (Minor): The Half-Face Man moves with the slow, methodical pace of his clockwork components. His speed during chases is reduced to 1.

Tech Level: 8
Story Points: 5


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