Gen Com Week: Day 1 Report

I retrieved my GM badge in time for the obligatory Exhibit Hall scramble. I was only able to wander the hall for a short time. I'm hoping to go back in brief spurts. I was able to pick up a few things, including the new hardcover core book of the Doctor Who RPG from Cubicle 7. It is a gorgeous time. 
Jamie and I played in a great game of TimeWatch run by Stephanie Bryant. I was scheduled to play in a second session, but I had to run to a few panels. 

Particularly, I enjoyed the Evil Hat panels, State of the Hat and Under the Hat. It was nice to meet some of the Hat folks I hadn't met yet, like Sean Nittner and Lenny Balsera. 

After that there was just some hanging out with new friends and old, then an earlier night. 

Jamie and I are on our way to another TimeWatch game run by Kevin Kulp himself. Later, I'm running a few games of Fate Accelerated. Enjoy day two, Gen Con!

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