Interstellar Patrol for Fate Accelerated Edition

Over the weekend, I wrote and released a small campaign frame for Fate Accelerated Edition called Interstellar Patrol. IP is optimistic space fiction in the style of the original Star Trek. The supplement includes rules for using spacecraft in your FAE game and provides random tables for generating planets of the week and a plot seeds if you find yourself stuck on an idea for your next session. There's also a few example aspects and stunts to get your character juices flowing.

Interstellar Patrol is available in PDF under the Pay-What-You-Want model. The response so far has been pretty good. At the time of this writing, IP is #18 on DriveThruRPG's Hottest Titles list and #4 on its Hottest Small Press list, ahead of Dungeon World. I hope you check it out.

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