The Power of Sorcery: Animal

Here are a few Animal college spells converted to the Power of Sorcery system from Pyramid #3/63.

Spells with (Animal) in their name are actually a different spell for each category of animal: Bird, Fish, Mammal, Reptile, and Vermin.

(Animal) Control

Basic Cost: 13 points.
Casting Roll: IQ (Quick Contest vs. target’s Will).
Duration: Indefinite.

You control the actions one large animal or one single swarm. This spell will not work on a sapient being (racial IQ 6 or higher). Control over each category of animal is a different spell: Bird, Fish, Mammal, Reptile, and Vermin.

Statistics: Mind Control (Accessibility, (Animal) only, -60%; Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, -5%; Magical, -10%) [13].

Beast Possession

Basic Cost: 45/110 points.
Casting Roll: IQ (Quick Contest vs. target’s Will).
Duration: 1 minute at level 1; Indefinite at level 2.

You move your consciousness into an animal, suppressing the creature’s mind and controlling its body as if it were your own. The creature gets +5 to Will if it is in combat with you or otherwise wary of you. If you lose the Quick Contest, you are mentally stunned for 1d seconds and can never attempt to possess that animal again.

On a success, your mind leaves your body (which falls unconscious) and enters the animal. You control the creature’s body, but you have no access to its skills or memories. You gain its ST, DX, and HT (and the appropriate secondary characteristics), and skills you possess based on those attributes are calculated relative to the new values. You keep your own IQ, Per, and Will, and you skills based on them remain the same.

At level 1, you can only possess an animal for 1 minute. After you leave a host, you must wait 5 minutes before possessing another. At level 2, these limitations are removed.

Statistics: Possession (Specialized, Animals only, -25%; Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, -5%; Magical, -10%; Maximum Duration, 1 minute, -65%; Telecontrol, +50%) [45]. Level 2 removes Maximum Duration [110].

Beast Speech

Basic Cost: 22 points.
Casting Roll: None.
Duration: Indefinite.

You communicate with any animal in the creature's own "language." The quality of information you receive depends on the animal's IQ and the GM's decision on what the animal has to say.

Statistics: Speak with Animals (Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, -5%; Magical, -10%) [22].

Repel (Animal)

Basic Cost: 23 points.
Casting Roll: Will (Quick Contest vs. target’s Will).
Duration: Concentration, plus 1d seconds after you stop.

You repel one animal or a horde of identical animals for as long as you concentrate, plus 1d seconds after you stop. The subject can’t come closer to you than a number of yards equal to your margin of victory (minimum one). If the creature is inside this radius, it must flee by the most direct route possible, as if it suffered from Dread (p. B132). If it cannot leave without coming closer, it must make a Will roll. On a success, it may run past you to escape, pushing you aside if necessary (but using only the minimum force required to escape). On a failure, the creature is cowed. It must cower, helplessly, and cannot move, defend itself, or take any other action.

Statistics: True Faith (Affects (Animal) instead, +0%; Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, -5%; Magical, -10%; Turning, +65%) [23].

Rider Within

Basic Cost: 14 points.
Casting Roll: IQ (Quick Contest vs. target’s Will).
Duration: Indefinite.

You experience everything the subject animal does through the animal’s senses.

Statistics: Mind Reading (Accessibility, Animals only, -20%; Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, -5%; Magical, -10%; Sensory Only, -20%) [14].

Spider Silk

Basic Cost: 41 points.
Casting Roll: None (Innate Attack (Projectile) to aim).
Duration: Instantaneous.

You shoot strands of spider silk from your hand. This creates a 4-yard radius web that grapples anyone that enters it. The area must contain opposing surfaces to anchor the strands to. The web has effective ST 10 and DR 3. Each point of damage reduces the ST of the web by 1.

Statistics: Binding 10 (Area Effect, 4 yards, +100%; Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, -5%; Environmental, Opposing surfaces within area, -20%; Magical, -10%; Sticky, +20%) [37].

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