Damned Vampires

These vampires for Night's Black Agents are based on a certain genre-defining roleplaying game from the early 90s. Their numbers are limited to around a dozen to fit into the conspiracy model.

An ancient covenant limits the number of cognizant vampires to no more than 13 at one time. Each "generation" is older and responsible for having sired the next vampires down the line. A single "1st-generation" vampire heads the clan, and forms the top tier of the vampire conspiracy. He has two vampires he directly sired; these form the "2nd generation" and serve as floating operatives for their "father".

Each of the 2nd generation sired two "children", and these four form the "3rd generation." They are responsible for certain nodes on tiers 3 through 5. The 3rd generation sired five children of the "4th generation" who run nodes on levels 1 and 2.

With their numbers so small, the vampires rely on human Renfields endowed with limited power through ingested blood, as well as lamias, ghouls, and the occasional pack of feral vampires (though they must kill such creatures before sunrise if they survive).


The following describes a "4th-generation", fledgling vampire. (Adjustments for higher "generations" are listed in parentheses.) He possesses none of the powers listed under Other Powers. For each higher "generation", add 3 of the listed powers.

General Abilities: Aberrance 8 (12-14/18-20/26), Health 10 (14/18/24), Hand-to-Hand 8 (14-16/22-24/30), Shooting or Weaponry 6 (8-10/12-14/18)
Hit Threshold: 4 (4/5/5); +1 with Vampiric Speed
Alertness Modifier: +1 (+1/+2/+2)
Stealth Modifier: +1 (+2/+2/+2)
Damage Modifier: -2 (-2/-1/+0) (punch or kick) or -1 (-1/+0/+1) (bite)
Armor: 1 (2/3/4)
Free Powers: Drain, Regeneration (spend 1 Aberrance to gain 1 Health)
Other Powers: Clairvoyance, Cloak of Darkness, Demonic Magic, Mental Attacks (lust or terror), Vampiric Speed, Necromancy, Possession, Turn into Wolf or Bat, Turn to Mist
Banes: beheading, holy symbols, holy water, silver, stake through the heart, sunlight (damages based on severity of exposure, damage cannot be regenerated)
Blocks: cannot enter a dwelling uninvited, prayers written around a doorway, holy symbol forcefully displayed
Compulsions: drink blood, lay down and sleep at sunrise
Dreads: churches, holy symbols, mirrors, sunlight
Requirements: drink blood

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