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New Spells: Life and Death

Note: These spells are not my original creations. They are the products of Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch, GURPS Line Editor, from this post on the official Steve Jackson Games forums. I found them in a file on my hard drive (as I've found all of my posts so far), simply called "New Spells" with no attribution. I assumed I'd written them at some point. Thanks to +Peter V. Dell'Orto for pointing out my mistake.
Regular; Resisted by HT
The subject immediately falls into a coma; see p. B429 for effects. This will kill him if he fails to revive, meaning that Coma is likely to be seen as a "death spell" in many settings. Awaken can revive the victim, but is cast at the usual -3 for an unconscious subject. Elixirs of Awakening and conventional medicine work normally.
Duration: Permanent, unless reversed by Awaken.
Cost: 10.
Time to Cast: 3 seconds.
Prerequisites: Magery 2 and Sleep.
Heart Attack
Regular; Resisted by HT
The subject immediately suffers a heart attack; see p. B429 for effects. This will kill him quickly if he isn't resuscitated. Thus, Heart Attack is regarded as a "death spell" almost everywhere! The Resuscitate spell can save the victim's life, if cast soon enough. At medical TLs where heart attack and resuscitation are understood, conventional medicine may also be able to resuscitate him.
Duration: Permanent, unless reversed by Resuscitate.
Cost: 10.
Time to Cast: 3 seconds.
Prerequisites: Magery 2 and at least five Body Control spells, including Spasm.
Immediately restarts the heart and lungs of someone who is dying from drowning, asphyxiation, or heart attack (including the Heart Attack spell). The effects are identical to a successful conventional resuscitation attempt; see Resuscitation (p. B425). In particular, while the spell revives the victim and prevents death, it doesn't heal FP or HP.
Duration: Instantaneous.
Cost: 2. One try.
Prerequisite: Awaken.
Annihilation (VH)
Regular; Resisted by HT
Instantly and irrevocably disintegrates a living being! If the victim fails to resist, the caster rolls 1 to 4 dice (depending on the energy in the spell) and compares the total to the larger of the victim's HT or HP. If the die roll is equal to or greater than this number, the victim is annihilated. Otherwise, the victim simply takes this amount of injury. All possessions of an annihilated victim fall to the ground. A critical failure with this spell costs the caster 1 HT permanently.
Duration: Instantaneous.
Cost: 4, plus 2 per die of effect, to a maximum of four dice (6, 8, 10, or 12 energy).
Time to Cast: 3 seconds.
Prerequisites: Magery 3, Deathtouch, Disintegrate, and Steal Vitality.

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