Skill Pills

The biotech equivalent of skill chips, skill pills are ultra-tech drugs that grant a bonus to a single skill. Using a combination of targeted neurotransmitters and coded RNA, the drug temporarily reprograms the character's brain to perform better at specific tasks. Skill pills are not available for skills that rely on learned information, including scientific skills, Expert Skills, etc.

Skill pills are available in the form of pills (naturally), contact agents (patches), and injections. Pills require 30 minutes to take effect, patches take 5 minutes, and injections are effectively instant. The character must fail a HT-3 roll for the drug to take effect. Pills and patches last for (25 - HT)/4 hours, while injections last for (25 - HT) minutes. Multiple doses extend the duration; i.e., three injections would grant you a skill bonus for (25 - HT)¥3 minutes. 

Skill pills can grant a bonus of +1 to +3. Skill pills do not grant the skill itself; if the character taking the drug does not know the skill, apply the bonus to his normal default.

At the GM's discretion, skill pills may be addictive. The drugs are legal (typically with the exception of combat skills) and only moderately addictive, for a disadvantage worth -10 points for combat pills, or -5 points for any other skill.

Skill Injections (TL9): Grants a bonus (+1 to +3) to a single skill. $32 per +1. LC3 (LC2 if the pill conveys a combat skill).

Skills Pills and Skill Patches (TL10): As injections, but longer lasting. $160 per +1 (pill), $320 per +1 (patch). LC3 (LC2 if the pill conveys a combat skill).

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