Combat Clues

What kind of information can you gather during a fight scene? Loads, about your opponents as well as the environment. And since investigative spends can give you various benefits, gathering knowledge during a fight can mean the difference between life and death.

The abilities listed are from Night's Black Agents, but other games will have similar options. To see this concept taken to more detail, see NBA's Tactical Fact-Finding Benefits.

  • Your enemies use distinctive weapons that mark them as members of a particular military, religion, or other faction. (Military Science, Tradecraft)
  • Your enemy relies on feints and deception, indicating a certain style of street fighting. (Bullshit Detector, Streetwise)
  • Someone is feeding your enemies information through earbud radios, coordinating their tactics. (Human Terrain, Electronic Surveillance)
  • The building you're fighting in is scheduled for demolition. The structure is compromised, and damage from combat could bring the whole place down. (Architecture, Bureaucracy)
  • The enemy is maneuvering you toward a some kind of trap they've set at the bottom of the hill. (Military Science, Outdoor Survival)
  • One enemy in particular is not as dedicated to his cause, and can be rattled by a kind word or a sultry smile. (Flirting, Reassurance)
  • Part of the enemy force are hired thugs who could be offered a sum to walk away. (Human Terrain, Negotiation)
  • Your enemy is favoring an old injury. (Diagnosis, Forensic Pathology)
  • The enemy are protecting a single individual, and their tactics are dedicated to keeping that person safe. (High Society, Human Terrain)


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