Strange New Worlds

One of the games I tested at Metatopia last weekend was Strange New Worlds, a hack of Apocalypse World for playing something a bit like Star Trek. I say "something a bit like" because while designer +Dave Chalker has modeled much of the setting and flash of Star Trek, he admits that the nature of the Apocalypse World rules means the game won't match the structure of an episode of Star Trek. Instead, the story spirals nearly out of control until (hopefully) the crew bands together at the very end to save the day.

Dave has made the rules available for free online (through Google Docs). Strange New Worlds assumes that you are familiar with the core of the Apocalypse World mechanic, but it provides the playbook and moves you need. While they aren't the hyper-competent officers of a more emulative Star Trek game, the playbooks do hit all the necessary archetypes. And the freeform take on species means you can play an eager young Gorn ensign or even a former Q, if the rest of the table agrees.

I enjoyed the game at Metatopia, and I may try to get it on my own table some day. If you feel like playing the scrappy crew of one of Starfleet's less distinguished ships, maybe you should check it out too.


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