This past weekend, I attended the Metatopia Game Design Festival in Morristown, NJ.

I playtested games.
I attended panels.
I talked to my fellow designers.

I'm thinking about games, maybe in different ways than before, maybe not. But I'm thinking about them. My games as well as others'.

I've had ideas about games I've been stalled on for a while. I've had thoughts about projects that I want to move forward on. I dream about what I might show at Metatopia next year.

If you are a game designer, if you are a fan of games, if you want to know how games are put together, you should consider going to Metatopia. It is perhaps the most well-run convention I've ever attended. It is certainly the most creatively fertile place I've been.

That's really all I have to say for now. I hope I gave helpful input to the people whose games I tested. I don't think rehashing my experience will inform my readers, and I've already said what I could to the creators. Perhaps when the games I played become available, I'll talk more about how they looked earlier in their development.

Until then, think about some games.


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