Letterforms Notebook

In March of this year, I backed a Kickstarter for a project to make a notebook of dry-erase pages called Letterforms. It seemed like a cool idea and one I could easily use for gaming and such. My notebook finally came today, so I thought I'd give an initial review.

The notebook is spiral-bound with a heavy plastic binding that doesn't move around much, a complaint I have in most spiral bindings. The covers are heavy board like the cover of a hardback book. Unfortunately, the covers are bowing, possible from the temperature changes after being brought into a warm house from the sub-freezing outdoors. Hopefully, I'll be able to fix it by compressing it under a stack of books.

The interior consists of 20 sheets, 18 blank and 2 gridded (3/8" squares). The pages are laminated so they can accept dry-erase markers. The notebook came with a fine-tipped marker, and a quick test shows that the marks show up cleanly on the page and do not smudge off under normal finger pressure. The marker includes an eraser tip, and with some pressure, the marks erase completely. The notebook includes an elastic loop to hold the marker.

In all, I'm happy with the product so far. The Kickstarter originally estimated an April ship date, but the owner maintained good communication about a few manufacturing and financing problems he encountered along the way, pushing delivery back. I hope I can fix the cover bowing. I am eager to try it out at a gaming table in the near future.


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