The Dracula Dossier on Kickstarter

After many suspicious delays, The Dracula Dossier is finally funding on Kickstarter. The Dossier is the improvisational campaign by +Kenneth Hite and +Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan that reveals Bram Stoker's novel as a veiled account of a failed British intelligence operation to recruit the vampire. Three successive generations of operatives have annotated the original, unredacted manuscript. Your characters receive that file and must now unravel Dracula's plans as well as the conspiracy that has grown out of the original operation.

At this writing, the Kickstarter has crushed seven stretch goals expanding the novel and the accompanying campaign guide. That guide features the many locations, characters, and events pointed to by the novel. When you pledge, you can get the novel, the guide, facsimile handouts, a special edition All Rolled Up dice bag, and more. And when you pledge, you get access to the in-progress manuscript of the Director's Handbook to get you started right away.

And when you pledge, you can put your money behind either Mina Harker or Abraham Van Helsing. The winner with the most pledged at the end of the campaign will be recorded on a wax cylinder as a special clue to be used in the campaign. Check out Dracula Dossier now and help end the ultimate vampiric threat.


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