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Dragonlance on DriveThruRPG

The Dragonlance setting for Dungeons & Dragons is one of my favorite fantasy settings of all time, and the support material from Sovereign Press (now Margaret Weis Productions) is the best expression of the setting. So I'm very excited that Wizards of the Coast is starting to release PDFs of the Sovereign Press era books on DriveThruRPG.

At the time of this post, you can get the updated modules covering the original War of the Lance adventures: Dragons of Autumn, Dragons of Winter, and Dragons of Spring. And just released is the fantastic Dragons of Krynn sourcebook detailing the many kinds of dragon that make the world of Dragonlance their home.

These books were written by some really great game designers, including +Cam Banks+Clark Valentine and +Amanda Valentine. They detail Krynn and the classic adventures in a way that makes them easy to bring to the table and make your own. I recommend checking them out (especially the collected modules) if you enjoy high fantasy gaming.

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