Harry Potter and the Story of GUMSHOE, Part Seven

Chapter Thirteen: Nicholas Flamel

The GM finally gives the players the clue about Nicholas Flamel. She does so by reminding them that she had already given it to them in Chapter Six. When Harry gives Neville a Chocolate Frog, Neville gives him the collector’s card of Dumbledore, which features a note about his partner in alchemy, Flamel.

This sparks Hermione’s memory (and her Library Use ability) and she fetches an alchemy text that reveals that Flamel created the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone, if you’re American). The kids deduce that Fluffy is guarding the stone, which grants endless wealth and eternal life.

A very short Quidditch match leaves Harry in position to spot Snape heading into the Forbidden Forest (Notice). Harry follows and overhears a meeting between Snape and Quirrell in which Snape tries to bully the Dark Arts professor for how to get past Fluffy. Quirrell doesn’t respond, and Snape storms off. Harry, of course, learns that Quirrell is involved in Snape’s plan.

Chapter Fourteen: Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback

The kids run into Hagrid while studying in the library. To keep them quiet about the Sorcerer’s Stone, Hagrid invites them all to his hut before running off. Hermione’s Library Use tells her that he was looking up books about dragon care.

Later at Hagrid’s hut, Hermione charms Hagrid with Flattery to learn who put protections around the Stone other than Fluffy. Hagrid admits that all of the ranking professors added their own levels of security. They also learn that Hagrid is planning to hatch a dragon egg. Illegally. In his wooden house. Yeah.

Hagrid invites the three to see the dragon hatch. Unfortunately, Malfoy tails them and sees the dragon. The kids know it will mean Hagrid’s arrest if Malfoy tells anyone, but a week goes by without incident. They write to Ron’s brother Charlie, who works with dragons in Romania, and he agrees to pick up the baby dragon in secret.

The dragon bites Ron and sends him to the hospital wing, so Harry and Hermione have to Sneak Norbert to the top of the highest castle for pickup. They do so under cover of the invisibility cloak, and Malfoy is caught by Professor McGonagall while following them. Unfortunately, they forget the cloak on the tower, and when they come back down, they are spotted by Mr. Filch.

This sets the stage for Chapter Fifteen, which we’ll look at next time.

Ability Tally


Drive: “Saving People Thing”
Investigative Abilities: Assess Honesty, Credit Rating, Curse-Scarred*, Notice, Oral History, Parseltongue*, Reassurance (spent 1 point)
* special Investigative ability
General Abilities: Athletics, Fleeing, decent Flying (especially for a first year), Sneaking, Stability, Wand Magic


Drive: Follower
Investigative Abilities: low Credit Rating, Intimidation (spent 1 point), Wizarding Society (includes wizard chess)
General Abilities: Athletics, Fleeing, Sneaking, Stability, Wand Magic


Investigative Abilities: Flattery, Library Use, Notice
General Abilities: Fleeing, Sneaking, Stability, Wand Magic

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