This is a compendium class I made up for a recent Dungeon World campaign. The Blinding Choir are a collection of naturally invisible angels who serve the Unseeing, a stereotypical "chained god" type.

The Choir can remove sight with a touch. While the effect is allegedly temporary, the Wizard in the group didn't want to test the legend when the Fighter was struck blind. He splintered a powerful staff and used its magic to restore the Fighter's sight.

I offered the Fighter's player this class, but he didn't feel that it fit his character very well and didn't take it. As such, it hasn't been tested in play.


When you suffer the touch of the Blinding Choir, when you level up, you may choose this move:

❏ Double Vision

One of your eyes becomes milky white and can now only see the Hidden World. If you have both eyes open, the confusion of the overlapping visions overwhelms you, giving you -1 ongoing. Covering one eye relieves this penalty.

If you have double vision, these count as class moves for you; you can choose from them when you level up.

❏ Death Sight

When an ally within sight takes their last breath, you are aware of their experience at the Black Gates. They take +1 to their roll.

❏ Evil Eye

When you expose your white eye and curse your enemies, roll+Wis. ✷ On a 10+, choose 3. ✷ On a 7-9, choose 2.
  • Deal damage -1d4.
  • The enemies suffer some great misfortune.
  • You are not cursed yourself.
  • Your allies are not cursed.

❏ True Seeing

When you discern realities, you can always ask the GM “what here is not what it seems,” in addition to the normal result of your roll.

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