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Pulling Rank in International Super Teams

GURPS Supers for Third Edition introduced the setting of International Super Teams, in which the UN operates a paramilitary organization of super powered individuals responsible for maintaining world peace in the face of equally powerful foes. The setting got its own worldbook, expanding the history and details of the world and introducing more heroes and villains. When Fourth Edition came around, GURPS Infinite Worlds: I.S.T. brought the setting up to date in a free introductory PDF.

In the setting, I.S.T. is a very powerful organization with global reach and access to bleeding edge technology as well as members' super powers. As a global defense service, I.S.T. members must possess Military Rank. Following the guidelines in GURPS Social Engineering for varying Rank Costs, I.S.T. Rank costs 7 points per level. Active Duty supers must have at least I.S.T. Rank 4, worth 28 points.

GURPS Social Engineering: Pulling Rank introduces the idea of removing the Patron advantage and allowing members of an organization to call on its influence with an Assistance Roll derived from their Rank. At I.S.T. Rank 4, this Assistance Roll succeeds on a 9 or less. This can be modified by circumstances and how the agent requests assistance.

What benefits can an I.S.T. super call on? Oh, lots.
  •  Gain entry to an otherwise closed I.S.T. facility.
  • Acquire a license for a restricted piece of equipment.
  • Have a warrant issued to tap communications, search a building, or arrest a suspect.
  • Arrange for false IDs useful in an investigation.
  • Pick up or drop off for any super without efficient movement powers.
  • Receive technical assistance from any number of experts, most world-class in their fields.
  • Consult with knowledge experts to answer questions on nearly any topic.
  • Access files on any person, place, or object of interest to the UN or any member nation.
  • Request gear above and beyond the standard issue body armor and sidearms.
  • Emergency evacuation from a combat zone.
  • Medical treatment, often beyond that available to anyone outside the I.S.T.
  • Earn an introduction to highly placed government officials, business leaders, or celebrities.
  • Secure invitation to functions frequented by the same.
  • Access facilities with equipment far beyond an individual member's means.
  • Call in support personnel in a potential (or ongoing) combat scenario.
And just about any of the above can feature or result from supernatural powers of I.S.T. members and affiliates.

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