GUMSHOE at the Ennies

Nominees were announced today for the 2014 Ennie Awards, and a few GUMSHOE-related products are among them.

Eternal Lies

Nominated for Best Adventure, Best Production Values, and Product of the Year, the Eternal Lies campaign by +Will Hindmarch and Jeff Tidball is a globe-spanning adventure for Trail of Cthulhu in the model of the classic Masks of Nyarlathotep. Investigators dig up a horror that was not fully laid to rest a decade before, one with truly apocalyptic potential. The authors themselves warn against posting spoilers on the Internet, so I shan't do so here. But I can say that this campaign will see play at my table if I ever put a Trail of Cthulhu group together.

Also nominated for Best RPG Related Product is the Complete Eternal Lies Suite, a 39-track, 70-minute music suite composed by James Semple to accompany the campaign.

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, the excellent weekly podcast by GUMSHOE system poobah +Robin Laws and Trail of Cthulhu and Night's Black Agents designer +Kenneth Hite, is nominated for Best Podcast. KARTAS frequently covers material of interest to GUMSHOE players and GMs. For example, the most recent episode at this writing opens with a segment on how to handle red herrings in your mystery games, with discussion of GUMSHOE campaigns in particular.

Dust and Mirrors: Music for Night's Black Agents is another music suite by James Semple composed for Mr. Hite's game of spies-versus-vampires. It is nominated for Best RPG Related Product as well. (Mr. Semple also provides the theme music for Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff.)

See Page XX

Pelgrane Press runs its own blog of articles about gaming in general and Pelgrane products in particular (including GUMSHOE), and they compile them all into a monthly 'zine called See Page XX, which is nominated for Best Website. The site features regular work by Messrs. Laws and Hite as well as updates from publisher Simon Rogers, previews of upcoming products, and free supplementary material for all your favorite games. See Page XX has even hosted the work of y.t.

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