Fate at the Ennies

We wrap up Ennies Nomination Week with Fate and its family of products, which did very well this year.

The Demolished Ones

Not a nominee but an actual winner, The Demolished Ones by Fate Core assistant developer Brian Engard was named a Judges Spotlight product this year. This is a standalone Fate system game and adventure about memory, murder, and mystery.

Fate Dice

The amazing Fate Dice product (specifically the Eldritch Dice version) is nominated for Best Aid/Accessory. The entire line of Fate Dice is a wonderful addition to any dice bag, available in eight packages each containing three styles of dice.

Fate Accelerated Edition

The amazing Fate Accelerated Edition is nominated for Best Family Game, and deservedly so. This game condenses Fate Core down to 48 pages of awesome so anyone can get playing in minutes.

Strange Tales of the Century

Strange Tales of the Century, Jess Nevin's look at three decades of world history through the pulp lens, is nominated for Best RPG Related Product. The bulk of this book is system neutral fodder for characters and plots, but it rounds out with an appendix for bridging your Spirit of the Century game with Fate Core.

Fate System Toolkit

The Fate System Toolkit is nominated for Best Supplement. The Toolkit takes all the dials and knobs of Fate Core and shows you how to twist them to get exactly the game you want.

Fate SRD

Randy Oest took the open licensed material from Fate Core, Fate Accelerated Edition, and the Fate System Toolkit and put together a phenomenally useful Fate SRD website. Everything is cross-referenced and hyperlinked, and he's even collected a list of additional third-party products using the Fate system. Fate SRD totally deserves its nomination for Best Website.

Fate Core

And finally, the heart of the Fate Core system is nominated for Best Game, Best Rules, and Product of the Year. Fate Core takes a solid default implementation of the Fate system and builds around it with incredible GM advice to give you an unmatched gaming experience.

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