New Year, New Blog

I wouldn't believe anyone who claims that 2016 went exactly how they expected. When the year began, I was in a very unsure place, and despite rises in some areas, I continue to feel unsteady as I pass into 2017.

But I want to have hope. In order to realize that hope, I am making plans for how I can do things differently in the coming year. Part of that is a new commitment to producing content that people can enjoy. I want to do more on this blog and in a few other places to make fun things.

What is that going to look like? I'm glad you asked, rhetorical self-insertion! It begins with a schedule. I'm going to post here at One Yard Hex at least once each day every Monday through Thursday. These posts won't always be long — I have a posting calendar prepared that only calls for 100 words most days. But those 100 words will be better than the 0 I've been producing for much of 2016.

Posts here will be leaning more toward general game-related thoughts, plus homebrew material for systems that are not available under an open license. (Yes, that means stuff I can't sell.) Material which I could and might want to package for sale will be appearing in a new feature called Fragments on my other site, I plan to do at least one entry on Fragments each week, on Fridays. (Since I'm telling you about Fragments now, I have already put up an initial post there presenting a new monster for 5e.)

I'm also hoping to do more and different stuff with my YouTube and Twitch channels in 2017. For now, I am aiming for at least one live gaming stream each week, either on Tuesday evenings or Saturday mornings. But I definitely have ideas for different formats and topics, so keep an eye out for videos.

Anyway, those are some of my plans for the New Year. Consider it a resolution, if you like, though I never do those. I have some good stuff planned for January, and I hope you enjoy it! If you do, please consider pledging to my Patreon. Any amount helps and is truly appreciated, as I try to make creating fun a bigger part of my life.


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