What Did I Accomplish In January?

At the beginning of this month, I started my effort to produce daily content here on One Yard Hex as well as on www.nothingventuredgames.com. Not only have I managed to keep up with the schedule I set for myself, but I've exceeded my word count goals nearly every day.

For the most part, I set a goal of only 100 words for posts here on this blog. To date, I am averaging about 350 words per post. Over on www.nothingventuredgames.com, I set a goal of 500 words per Fragments post, and those are averaging about 690 words each. In total, I planned to write 5,800 words this month, and I ended up writing ~10,500 words.

In total, I produced:

  • 17 blog posts here on One Yard Hex, including
    • 7 GURPS posts,
    • 1 GUMSHOE posts, and
    • 9 posts on other topics;
  • 5 Fragments posts and one news post on www.nothingventuredgames.com (with another news post scheduled for tomorrow, the 31st); and
  • One news post on my Patreon and an update to the campaign page copy (and another news post scheduled for tomorrow).

I also streamed 9 video game sessions on Twitch (six for Fallout 4 and three for Dragon Age: Inquisition), and those are all archived at my YouTube page.

I feel good about my ability to keep up with the schedule I laid out at the start of the month. I planning to keep this rate up for next month, and I'm hoping to produce some great content. I hope you'll keep looking in from time to time. If you enjoy what I'm doing, consider becoming a patron at Patreon!


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