Adapting GURPS Dungeon Fantasy to Karthun

If I were going to run a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy campaign in the world of Karthun, I would replace the traditional GURPS magic system with the rules in Divine Favor and Thaumatology: Sorcery. These changes require a few adjustments to some of the templates in DF1.

Bards cannot use spells (remove options for spells from the template). Bardic Talent does not add to Communication and Empathy spells or Mind Control spells and therefore only costs 5 points/level. Spend the 6 points this frees up in the template on either Bard-Song abilities or special skills.

Clerics and Holy Warriors should use the Saint and Warrior-Saint lenses from Pyramid #3/36, pp. 8-9.

Druids do not use spells. Replace Power Investiture (Druidic) 3 with Druidic Talent 3 (p. 22 of Dungeon Fantasy 1). Spend the 15 points this frees up plus the 20 points allocated to spells on more Druidic abilities.

Wizards must take the Magebound lens below, using the 30 advantage points in the template.


30 points
Attributes: IQ -1 [-20].
Advantages: Replace Magery 3 with Magery (Sorcery) 2 [-15]. Add Sorcerous Empowerment 3 [36] and Sorcerous Empowerment (Limited, Source element) 3 [28]. Add DR 3 (Limited, Source element, -40%) [9], Magebound Weapon 1 (below) [3], and Mind Shield 2 [8]. Add 23 points in known spells or Magebound gifts.
Disadvantages: Disturbing Voice [-10]; Unnatural Features 2 [-2].
Spells: Remove all spells [-30].


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