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GURPS Karthun: Elves

Karthun's elves are divided into three clans, each dedicated to one of the world's three moons. When the clan's moon is full (about three days out of the month), elves of that clan experience a physical transformation where the express more primal characteristics like strength, speed, and sharp senses.


20 points
Attributes: ST -1 [-10]; DX +1 [20].
Advantages: One of Bear Clan [10], Jackal Clan [10], or Wolf Clan [10].

Bear Clan: ST +2 (Moon Reign, -35%) [13]; HP +3 (Moon Reign, -35%) [4]; DR 2 (Moon Reign, -35%; Tough Skin, -40%) [3]; Bad Temper (12) [-10]. 10 points.

Jackal Clan: Basic Speed +0.50 (Moon Reign, -35%) [7]; Basic Move +2 (Moon Reign, -35%) [7]; Night Vision 1 (Moon Reign, -35%) [1]; Sharp Claws (Moon Reign, -35%) [4]; Sharp Teeth (Moon Reign, -35%) [1]; Bloodlust (12) [-10]. 10 points.

Wolf Clan: HP +3 (Moon Reign, -35%) [4]; Sharp Teeth (Moon Reign, -35%) [1]; Per +3 (Moon Reign, -35%) [10]; Night Vision 7 (Moon Reign, -35%) [5]; Bad Temper (12) [-10]. 10 points.

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