Creche Ship (TL10)

The creche ship is a living spaceship designed to traverse interstellar distances, land on a suitable planet, and produce genetically engineered colonists and livestock from its internal biogenesis organs (equivalent to a biotech robofac; see Spaceships 7, p. 9). It has a winged SM +7 streamlined hull. It masses 300 tons and is 30 yards long (including tail). It is self-healing.

Systems Table

Front Hull System

[1-2] Armor, Organic (dDR 6)
[3] Maw (thr-1 cut)
[4] Solar Panel Array (produces 1 Power Point)
[5-6!] Robot Leg
[core] Sapient Brain (Comm/Sensor 5)

Central Hull System

[1] Armor, Organic (dDR 3)
[2] Sails, Radioisotope (.000001g)
[3] Space Sails (Lightsail, .0001g)
[4] Ornithopter Wings
[5-6] Factory (bio-tech robofac, $30K/hr)

Rear Hull System

[1-2] Armor, Organic (dDR 6)
[3] Tail (Prehensile, thr cr)
[4] Cargo Hold (15 tons)
[5-6!] Robot Leg

The ship’s sentient brain has IQ 16, Piloting/TL10 (Low-Performance Spacecraft)-16, and Bioengineering-14 to program and operate the Factory systems. Cargo space is devoted to specialized equipment needed to grow and instruct the early colonists.

TL Vehicle ST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ. DR Range Cost

Piloting (Low-Performance Spacecraft)
10 Creche Ship 33 -1/5 13 Special 300 15 +7 0 60 $54.1M

Acceleration is dependent on distance from and luminosity of local star; acceleration outside a system is .000001g. Top air speed is 500 mph; air Handling/SR is +4/5.

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