Ken Writes About Stuff, Volume 2

The second volume of Ken Writes About Stuff will be available from the Pelgrane Press shop in April. This collection includes the twelve installments of KWAS from the last year, plus a bonus issue. I've enjoyed a number of these mini-supplements, including:

  • Xeno-Archaeology!, bringing ancient mysteries and strange artifacts to your Ashen Stars game.
  • The School of Night, a GUMSHOE mini-game about occult spies in Elizabethan England.
  • Vendetta Run, a western/horror campaign frame where your characters are pursued by an undead Wyatt Earp.
Ken Writes About Stuff gives you a quality campaign frame, subsystem, or hideous creature every month. If that sounds good to you, consider subscribing to volume three, which promises a number of intriguing installments. If it doesn't, I wonder how you survive such a joyless existence.

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