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Harry Potter and the Story of GUMSHOE: Part Ten

Concluding Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Chapter Seventeen: The Man With Two Faces

Professor Quirrell.

Harry is surprised to find the Dark Arts professor instead of Snape. Quirrell, of course, takes the opportunity to monologue, explaining how he was responsible for the dangers Harry and his friends faced all year. In fact, Snape was trying to protect Harry the whole time.

Quirrell is stumped by the final protection around the Stone: the Mirror of Erised. He sees himself presenting the Stone to Voldemort, but he doesn’t know how to find it. Finally, a phantom voice tells him to use Harry to unlock the Mirror’s secrets.

Harry, of course, wants to find the Stone before Quirrell. When he looks into the Mirror, he sees his reflection pulling the Stone from his pocket. At that moment, Harry can feel a weight in his own pocket. He lies, and Quirrell pushes him aside to continue looking. The phantom voice, however, knows Harry is lying and demands to speak to him.

Quirrell removes his turban to reveal an inhuman face on the back of his own head. Harry barely keeps his wits (a successful Stability test). The face is that of Lord Voldemort. He knows that the Stone is in Harry’s pocket, and he orders Quirrell to take it. But when Quirrell touches Harry’s skin, his hand begins to burn. It seems that Harry’s touch harms Voldemort, and by extension Quirrell. (I think this is a big spend of Curse-Scarred to give Harry a hefty advantage in an otherwise impossible fight.) Of course, it causes Harry great pain as well (let's say Harry pays a point of Health for each point of Health he does to Quirrellmort). He knows he has no choice, though, and he holds onto Quirrell as long as he can (a successful Scuffling test, or possibly even a contest against Quirrell, who is hardly a prime physical specimen).

When he comes to, Harry is in the hospital wing. Albus Dumbledore is sitting with him. At the end of the adventure now, the GM is free to fill the players in on anything they want to know that won’t spoil future plots. Dumbledore answers a number of Harry’s questions about the goings on of the past year.

And in the end, driving off the Dark Lord is enough to earn Gryffindor back all the points they lost for the PCs trying to drive off the Dark Lord. Gryffindor wins the House Cup, and everyone goes home happy and looking forward to a peaceful year when they return.

Yeah, right.

Ability Tally


Drive: “Saving People Thing”
Investigative Abilities: Assess Honesty, Credit Rating, Curse-Scarred*, Notice, Oral History, Parseltongue*, Reassurance (spent 1 point)
* special Investigative ability
General Abilities: Athletics, Fleeing, decent Flying (especially for a first year), Scuffling, Sneaking, Stability, Wand Magic


Drive: Follower
Investigative Abilities: low Credit Rating, Intimidation (spent 1 point), Notice, Wizarding Society (includes wizard chess; spent)
General Abilities: Athletics, Fleeing, Flying, Sneaking, Stability, Wand Magic


Investigative Abilities: Flattery, Herbology, Library Use, Notice
General Abilities: Fleeing, Flying, Sneaking, Stability, Wand Magic

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