The Mother Dragon

The Mother Dragon is intended as a godlike figure for a TL3-5 low fantasy world that is actually a colony of a TL10 spacefaring civilization with a unique colonization method.

The Mother Dragon

The Mother Dragon is the product of a TL10 high-biotech space program, a creche ship designed to travel to a distant star system and give birth to a new civilization. Her womb is a sophisticated biotech factory from which she gave birth to the first generations of humans, livestock, and other creatures that populated the colony. And centuries later, she watches over her “children,” granting boons in the form of vaccines or engineered crops and dispensing rare advice.

The Mother Dragon’s skin (resembling a very thick hide, rather than a reptile’s scales) is a deep green and converts sunlight into chemical energy, allowing her to subsist primarily on a meager diet of livestock “offerings.” In all, from nose to tail, the Mother Dragon is 30 yards long, and her wingspan is over 100 yards!

Two sets of diaphanous wings propelled her between the stars, while her sturdier third set allowed her to glide down from orbit when she finally reached her destination. If she chose to travel by air, she could reach speeds of nearly 500 miles per hour. Her four clawed feet can carry her across the ground at 40 miles per hour.

Many of her kind were sent out on similar journeys. On clear nights, the Mother Dragon can be seen high atop her mountain, listening for her far-off sisters and singing back across the gulf of stars.

ST: 330 HP: 330 Speed: 7.25
DX: 14 Will: 16 Move: 10/20
IQ: 16 Per: 16 Weight: 300 tons
HT: 13 FP: 25 SM: +7

Dodge: 11 Parry: 13 DR: 60

Bite or Claw (18): 18d cut.
Tail (18): 18d+1 cr.

Traits: Bad Grip; Combat Reflexes; Doesn’t Breathe; Enhanced Move 8 (Air); Enhanced Move 1 (Ground); Extra Attack 2; Flight (Winged); Injury Tolerance (Unliving); One Arm; Radiation Tolerance 10; Reduced Air Move 12; Regeneration (Slow; Radiation Only); Sharp Claws; Telecommunication (Radio; Increased Range, 10,000,000,000,000x); Temperature Tolerance 40; Unaging; Vacuum Support.
Skills: Aerobatics-14; Brawling-18; Bioengineering-14; Flying-16; Piloting/TL10 (Low-Performance Spacecraft)-16.
Notes: DR 30 on vitals. Air Move 2/256.

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