Harry Potter and the Story of GUMSHOE, Part Eight

A short continuation.

Chapter Fifteen: The Forbidden Forest

Harry and Hermione are taken before Professor McGonagall. She has also caught Neville, who was looking to warn them about Malfoy. All three are given detention and each loses 50 points for Gryffindor, making them pariahs from all but the Slytherins.

Later that week, Harry overhears a converstation in Quirrell’s classroom, or at least Quirrell’s side of it (Notice). Harry is convinced that Snape has won the secret to Quirrell’s protection over the Stone, though Harry sees no sign of Snape when he checks the room.

Harry and Hermione are given their detention: work in the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid. Hagrid tells the four students that something is hunting unicorns. After a baffling encounter with some centaurs, Harry is teamed up with Malfoy to search for the killer.

They find a cloaked figure drinking the dead unicorn’s blood. Harry’s scar pains him terribly (Curse-Scarred), paralyzing him, but the boys are rescued by a centaur named Firenze. Firenze informs Harry that unicorn blood can keep someone alive at the brink of death (Oral History). That clue, plus the pain in his scar, plus the knowledge of the Sorcerer’s Stone which grants eternal life, lets Harry deduce that the killer must be none other than Voldemort himself.

Harry puts it all together. Snape wants to steal the stone for Voldemort, who will use it to regain the life he nearly lost years before. Once he does, he will come to finally kill Harry. And there’s nothing he can do about it.

Next time: Adventure!


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