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Area Control in GURPS Ritual Path Magic

Here are a pair of rituals for Ritual Path Magic that allow the caster to control an area. One makes it nearly impossible to leave a room, while the other is a traditional fairy tail barrier.

Room Lock

Spell Effects: Lesser Control Crossroads.
Inherent Modifiers: none.
Greater Effects: 0 (x1).

This ritual causes a doorway or other portal to lead back into itself. Someone walking through the doorway will find himself entering the same room he just left.

Many casters include a Lesser Control Magic effect to define a password that allows one to breach the Room Lock effect.

Typical Casting: Lesser Control Crossroads (5) + Duration, 1 hour (3).

Wall of Thorns

Spell Effects: Greater Create Body.
Inherent Modifiers: Area of Effect + Damage, .
Greater Effects: 1 (x3).

This spell summons a wall of thick, thorny brambles up to 4 yards high, 1 yard thick, and 15 yards long, in whatever shape you desire. The wall blocks movement, but it can be chopped down. Each one-yard section of wall has DR 3 and 1 HP. Anyone coming into contact with the wall takes 3 piercing damage; if this damage penetrates DR, they take an additional 1d toxic damage that ignores DR. The wall remains for 10 minutes then withers and blows away as dust.

Typical Casting: Greater Create Body (6) + Area of Effect, 5 yards (4) + Duration, 10 minutes (1) + Damage, External 3 pi (Wall, Rigid) and Internal 1d tox (Follow-Up) (13). 72 energy (24x3).

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