St. George-class Slayer Mecha

The St. George-class Slayer Mecha is designed to hunt Space Drakes in groups of 2-6. The Slayers maneuver to stay out of reach of the Drakes' powerful teeth and tails while harrying it with their laser rifles. If a Slayer sustains too much damage, the pilot is drilled to switch to his assault rifle and increase power to the force screen. One Slayer will attempt to jam radio transmissions with his tactical array to keep the Drake from calling to more of its kind for aid.

Front Hull System
[1] Armor, Diamondoid (dDR 5)
[2] Tactical Comm/Sensor Array (comm/sensor 6)
[3-4] Robot Arm
[5-6] Cargo Hold (1 ton)
[core] Control Room (C7, comm/sensor 4, one control station)

Central Hull System
[1] Armor, Diamondoid (dDR 5)
[2!] Weapons, Major Battery (3MJ handheld improved plasma)
[3-4] Fuel Tanks (90 mps)
[5!] Heavy Force Screen (dDR 15)
[6] Contragravity Lifter
[core] Power Plant, Super Fusion (provides 4 Power Points)

Rear Hull System
[1] Armor, Diamondoid (dDR 5)
[2] Fuel Tank (45 mps)
[3-4] Reaction Engine, Fusion Torch (1G)
[5-6!] Robot Leg

The St. George has a SM +4 streamlined hull and an emergency ejection system.
 Slayer Mecha
1G/135 mps
Maximum air speed is 2,500 mph. Air Move 10/1,250, Air Hnd/SR +2/4. Ground Move 10, Ground Hnd/SR +4/3.

Notes: Major weapon battery has dDR 2 and deals 6d burn exp (2) dDamage. Also carries a rapid-fire 4cm conventional rifle as cargo. Rifle does 6d (2) base dDamage and has 250 shots and dDR 2. Heavy force screen can be increased to dDR 30 for an extra Power Point.

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