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750 points

Age 18; Genetically Superior Human; 6'1"; 250 lbs.; A dark-haired male with blue eyes and tan skin.

ST 22 [120]; DX 12 [40]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 12 [20].
Damage 2d/4d; BL 97 lbs.; HP 24 [4]; Will 12 [0]; Per 13 [5]; FP 17 [15].
Basic Speed 7 [20]; Basic Move 7 [0]; Block 0; Dodge 11; Parry 10 (Karate).

Social Background

TL: 8 [0]. 
CF: Western (Native) [0]. 
Languages: English (Native) [0].


Ally Group (Gangbusters; Three individuals built on 50% of starting points; 9 or less) [6]; Enhanced Time Sense [45]; Extended Lifespan (x4) [4]; Extra Attack 1 [25]; Hard to Kill 5 [10]; Hard to Subdue 5 [10]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Immunity to Disease [10]; IST [132]; Less Sleep 4 [8]; Radiation Tolerance (PF 5) [10]; Recovery [10]; Reduced Consumption 2 [4]; Regeneration (Slow: 1HP/12Hr; Radiation Only, -60%) [4]; Very Fit [15].

Psionic Abilities

Mind Control (Telepathic, -10%) [45]; Mind Probe (Sensory, +20%; Invasive, +75%; Telepathic, -10%) [37]; Mind Reading (Telecommunication, -20%; Sensory, +20%; Telepathic, -10%) [27]; Mind Shield 3 (Telepathic, -10%) [11]; Telecommunication (Telesend; Sensie, +80%; Telepathic, -10%) [51].

Psionic Talents

Telepathy Talent 3 [15].


Bad Temper (15) [-5]; Enemy (Dr. Dystopia; Hunter; 6 or less) [-10]; Lecherousness (15) [-7]; Shyness (Mild) [-5].


Area Knowledge (Pittsburgh)-12 (IQ+0) [1]; Area Knowledge (United States)-12 (IQ+0) [1]; Computer Operation/TL8-12 (IQ+0) [1]; Detect Lies-12 (IQ) [4]; History (International/U.N.)-10 (IQ-2) [1]; Karate-12 (DX+0) [4]; Observation-12 (Per) [2]; Psychology-12 (IQ) [4]; Stealth-12 (DX) [2]; Strategy (Land)-11 (IQ-1) [2]; Tactics-11 (IQ-1) [2].


blaster pistol, tactical vest.


Melissa Avery was born with the mutant power of telepathy, allowing her to read minds and communicate mentally. When she was a teenager, she joined a superteam called Gangbusters. She wasn't particularly skilled, but she was deeply in love with the team's leader, a charismatic young hero called Lynchpin whose powers included the ability to bond inanimate objects together. Melissa took the superhero identity of Psyche.

The Gangbusters worked together for several years, foiling small-time plots around the Midwest from their mobile headquarters in gadgeteer teammate Boffin's retooled VW bus. Then, one day, the team got vague word of a scheme by a villain calling himself Dr. Dystopia. Lynchpin spurred the team to action.

The Gangbusters fought their way into Dystopia's lab, where they found several mind controlled scientists operating a strange machine. A young man was strapped to a table with electrodes covering his head and chest. Before the scientists could activate the machine, the team attacked. Unfortunately, the scientists had employed local street toughs for protection; one of the gang members shot Melissa twice in the chest. As she felt herself die, Psyche reached out with her mind, reflexively grasping for anything that could save her. She felt something that pulled at her, and she fell into the pull as her body gave its last breath.

When she awoke, superstrong Gangbuster Tom-Tom was carrying her out of the burning lab. Much to her surprise, however, she was not in her own body but that of the young man that had been strapped to the table. Boffin had recovered a laptop computer from the lab, and he discovered that the body Psyche now inhabited had been genetically engineered to serve as a psychic vessel.

It turns out that Dr. Dystopia actually lived in the 23rd century. He had created a time machine that could transmit a person's mind through time to possess a body at its destination. However, possessing a body that already had a mind was tiring and could not be maintained for long. Dr. Dystopia had been controlling the scientists to create his superhuman vessel so he could stay in our century indefinitely. Needless to say, his plan was now foiled.

Melissa was conflicted by her change of circumstance. She was still in love with Lynchpin, but he could no longer be with her in her new male form. Heartbroken, she left the Gangbusters and signed on with IST. She has just finished basic training and has been assigned to IST Pittsburgh, changing her codename to Psych.


Psych is a powerful telepath inhabiting an even more powerful superhuman body. She is highly resistant to radiation and immune to disease. Her strength is at peak human levels, and she is extremely fit. Her reflexes are keen, allowing her to experience the world at a faster rate.

Melissa finds it hard to cope with her new body, especially its hormones. She finds herself strangely belligerent and occasionally attracted sexually to women. She has retreated into herself much more than she once did.

Group Role

Psych is most comfortable in a communications and reconnaissance role. Her new body makes her able to handle a more highly physical role, too, but she is nowhere near the level of her more combat-oriented teammates such as Staal and Black Tom.

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