Neverland Faerie Racial Template

Several years ago, I ran a GURPS Illuminati University campaign. My wife played a faerie from Neverland who was majoring in Food college spells. This was the racial template I worked up for her.

Neverland Faerie

0 points
Attributes: ST -5 [-50].
Secondary Characteristics: SM -6 [0]; HP-3 [-6].
Advantages: Affliction 1 (HT; Beneficial; Advantage, Flight, +360%; Melee, Reach C, Cannot Parry, -35%, Magical, -10%) [42]; Appearance (Beautiful) [12]; Flight (Magical, -10%) [36].
Perk: Penetrating Voice [1].
Disadvantages: Dependency (Mana, very common, constantly) [-25]; Disturbing Voice [-10].
Photo by atistatplay

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