Technique: Spell-Dazzle Strike

I created this technique for a character my wife wanted to play in a GURPS Banestorm game that never got off the ground. She was going to be an elf gladiator who fought with wooden sticks enchanted with Essential Wood and Staff.

Spell-Dazzle Strike

Default: prerequisite skill-5.
Prerequisite: Any unarmed combat or Melee Weapon skill; the ability to cast one or more Melee spells; cannot exceed prerequisite skill.
The turn after you successfully hit a target with a Melee spell, you may attempt a Spell-Dazzle Strike. You attack quickly while the effects of the spell still disorient your target, making it harder for them to defend against your strike. Your target is at -2 to Parry or Block or -1 to Dodge.
You can also use this technique as part of a Rapid Strike following a held Melee spell. If you do, this technique takes an additional -1 penalty.

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