Space Drake

The space drake is a giant dragon-like creature nearly 60 feet long. The drake is comfortable both on the ground, in space, and in atmosphere. It walks on the ground on four powerful legs and can fly swiftly on vast wings that sprout from its back. Its mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth as long as a man, and its tail can swat helicopters from the sky. Its most dangerous weapon, though, is its breath: the space drake can spit devastating lightning from its maw.

The average space drake is sapient but not very intelligent (IQ 7) with average agility (DX 10). It is aggressive in a fight, maneuvering to face its enemies so it can use its breath weapon. The armored scales are also thinner on its hind quarters, leading the drake to protect its rear.

Front Hull System
[1-2] Armor, Organic (dDR 4)
[3] Maw (31d-1 cut)
[4!] Digestive System (2d+2 corrosive dDamage)
[5!] Weapon, Major Battery (Hidden fixed-mounted 30MJ lightning cannon)
[6] Reactionless Engine, Standard Reactionless (0.5G)
[core] Sapient Brain (comm/sensor 3)

Central Hull System
[1-2] Armor, Organic (dDR 4)
[3-4!] Robot Leg
[5-6!] Ornithopter Wings (0.5G)

Rear Hull System
[1] Armor, Organic (dDR 2)
[2-3!] Robot Leg
[4] Tail, Striking (33d cr)
[5-6] Power Plant, Orgone (provides 4 Power Points)
[core] Contragravity Lifter

The spaceship has a winged SM +6 streamlined hull. It is biological and self-healing.

TL  Ship
^ Space Drake 
Top air speed is 500 mph. Air Move 10/250. Air Hnd/SR +4/4. Ground Move 10/20. Ground Hnd/SR 0/4.
Lightning cannon deals 6d(2) burn sur dDamage. Damage listed for maw and tail is normal scale.

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