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Black Tom

750 points

Meeran; 5'11"; 200 lbs.; A muscular black Meeran with stunning gold eyes. Carries himself like a jungle god.

ST 12 [20]; DX 13 [60]; IQ 13 [60]; HT 11 [10].
Damage 3d+1/6d-1; BL 29 lbs.; HP 15 [6]; Will 13 [0]; Per 13 [0]; FP 11 [0].
Basic Speed 6 [0]; Basic Move 6 [0]; Dodge 10; Parry 13 (Karate).

Social Background

TL: 9 [5]. 
CF: Meeronar (Native) [0]. 
Languages: English (Native) [6]; Myeerrrarr (Native) [0].


Acute Hearing 3 [6]; Acute Taste and Smell 3 [6]; Claws (Sharp Claws) [5]; Combat Reflexes [15]; Damage Resistance 1 (Tough Skin, -40%) [3]; Damage Resistance 10 (Force Field, +10%; Psychokinetic, -10%) [55]; Extra Attack 1 (Single Skill, Karate, -20%; Multi-Strike, +20%) [25]; IST [132]; Temperature Tolerance 1 [1].

Psionic Abilities

Affliction 3 (Will-2; Area Effect, 4 yards, +100%; Based On Will, +20%; Emanation, -20%; Selective Area, +20%; Sense-Based, Hearing, +150%; Telepathic, -10%) [108]; Charisma 3 (Telepathic, -10%) [14]; Mind Reading (Telecommunication, -20%; Telepathic, -10%) [21]; Striking ST 20 (Psychokinetic, -10%) [90]; Telecommunication (Telesend; Telepathic, -10%) [27]; Telekinesis 5 (Psychokinetic, -10%) [23]; Voice (Telepathic, -10%) [9].

Psionic Talents

Psychokinesis Talent 1 [5]; Telepathy Talent 1 [5].


Duty (increases to Involuntary) [-5]; Impulsiveness (6) [-20]; Overconfidence (6) [-10]; Reputation -1 (from citizens and government officials of U.N. non-member nations, as a U.N. tool, all the time) [-3]; Reputation -3 (from criminals, as an IST member, all the time) [-5]; Reputation (from humans and Meeranon, as an interstellar criminal) -3 (Almost everyone; All the time) [-15]; Social Stigma (Criminal Record) [-5]; Social Stigma (Disowned) [-5].


Acting-12 (IQ-1) [1]; Area Knowledge (Pittsburgh)-13 (IQ+0) [1]; Area Knowledge (United States)-13 (IQ+0) [1]; Beam Weapons/TL9 (Pistol)-15 (DX+2) [4]; Computer Operation/TL9-13 (IQ+0) [1]; Connoisseur (Wine)-12 (IQ-1) [1]; Diplomacy-14 (IQ+1) [2]; Disguise/TL9 (Meeranon)-12 (IQ-1) [1]; Electronics Operation/TL9 (Security)-12 (IQ-1) [1]; Electronics Operation/TL9 (Surveillance)-12 (IQ-1) [1]; Fast-Talk-14 (IQ+1) [1]; Forced Entry-13 (DX+0) [1]; Gambling-12 (IQ-1) [1]; History (International, U.N.)-12 (IQ-1) [2]; Holdout-12 (IQ-1) [1]; Intelligence Analysis/TL9-11 (IQ-2) [1]; Karate-18 (DX+5) [24]; Leadership-15 (IQ+2) [1]; Merchant-12 (IQ-1) [1]; Navigation/TL9 (Space)-12 (IQ-1) [1]; Observation-14 (Per+1) [4]; Pickpocket-13 (DX+0) [4]; Piloting/TL9 (High-Performance Spacecraft)-15 (DX+2) [8]; Public Speaking (Storytelling)-18 (IQ+5) [1]; Sex Appeal-15 (HT+4) [8]; Shadowing-12 (IQ-1) [1]; Sleight of Hand-13 (DX+0) [4]; Smuggling-14 (IQ+1) [4]; Stealth-14 (DX+1) [4]; Strategy (Land)-12 (IQ-1) [2]; Streetwise-13 (IQ+0) [2]; Tactics-12 (IQ-1) [2].

Techniques: Kicking (Karate)-18 (H) [3].


blaster pistol; tactical vest.


Black Tom was a street-thief, a smuggler, a space pirate, and an underworld kingpin — all by the time he was 18. Which was right about the time his luck ran out.

On the run from the Meeranar authorities in a stolen military starship, Black Tom made a desparate move — he set coordinates for Earth, burning out his engines to outrace the Patrol.

When his ship crashed in the Yucatan, supers from IST Mexico City rescued him. The first thing he did was request political asylum. He gave a false name and claimed to have damaging information about various members of the royal house. For this, he said, he was a hunted Meeran.

The truth quickly came out, and there was a brief period where the Meeranar Embassy made overtures of extradition, but the Agreement did not technically provide for such measures.

IST Command offered another solution: Black Tom would become a provisional member of an IST. He would not be prosecuted by Meeranar authorities, nor would he be incarcerated. Indeed, he would be provided with quarters in his assigned IST HQ as well as standard pay for an IST member. In exchange, he would never again be allowed to leave Earth, and his off-duty activities would be closely monitored. Eventually, the Meeranar government consented to the plan, and Black Tom was made an international citizen of Earth.

After he finished his "boot camp" training, Black Tom was assigned to the newly-opened IST Pittsburgh, where he serves to this day.


Like all Meeranon, Black Tom is a telepath; he has honed his talent into a powerful force of charisma. Additionally, he can telepathically project a stunning field by roaring.

Black Tom has two characteristics that set him apart from other Meeranon. First, a mutation has left him with full use of the vestigial claws long since lost to his species. Secondly, he is one of the few Meeranon to express psychokinetic abilities. His PK is fairly limited, adding to his strength and providing a low-power force field. He can also make use of a fairly weak form of telekinesis.

Group Role

Black Tom is a highly skilled hand-to-hand fighter, making use of a simplistic traditional style from his homeworld. However, in a scrapper's role he is fairly fragile; his defenses generally do not stand up well to attacks by bricks.

Black Tom doubles as a good back-up investigator and spy. He has a wide range of skills useful for infiltration and espionage, and while expert in none of these fields, he is still competent in all of them.

Mostly, Black Tom fills the role of "rogue gone good." His criminal past should be played up, either for laughs or for a serious injection of intra-party paranoia.

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