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Dealing With Player Conflict

My weekly game cafe Dungeons & Dragons game has given me the chance to introduce a number of new players to gaming - with the satisfaction that comes along with that. But it has also been an exercise in managing disparate play styles and player conflict. I don't mean PC-PC conflict, but actual aggravation and even shouting between players.

I'll admit, it's sometimes difficult to deal with. Because I'm running this game in public, welcome to any who wants to come out and play, I don't have the liberty of just removing players from the game unless they become abusive. I think I've done the best I can when these conflicts crop up, but I also have to wonder if they've been responsible - even in part - for losing the few formerly regular players that have left the game over time.

Anyway, it's been an interesting challenge, working under the restraints. I hope I've handled it well, and I think I've learned something from it.

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