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What Am I Playing/Running Right Now?

Last week, I looked ahead to 2017 and the gaming stuff I'm looking to pick up and what I want to run or play. But that's the future. What does my present gaming look like right now?

D&D 5e

Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition currently dominates my gaming schedule. I run a weekly game on Wednesdays at a local gaming cafe for a regular stable of players. Currently, they are making their way through the Storm King's Thunder adventure, but they completed Curse of Strahd late last year with one of their number replacing Strahd as lord of Barovia.

Every other Monday, I run a campaign set in Forgotten Realms of the original First Edition boxed set. The player characters are working against the church of Shar, who seems to have some nefarious plans for the Realms. The party has just arrived in Shadowdale to consult with a certain sage about historic matters.

Finally, on the alternate Mondays, I am playing a half-orc barbarian in a campaign set in Kenzer & Company's Kingdoms of Kalamar setting. Our group helped resettle an abandoned dwarven mining complex that had succumbed to a fiendish plague. Now we are trying to find some hippogriffs to train as aerial mounts.


For the last several years, I've run one-shots of Wardens of Ouon, my Fate Accelerated world of magical unicorns protecting an ancient forest. However, I knew that if I wanted to move the game toward publication, I would need to do a longer-term campaign to shake out possible problems. About two months ago, I started such a campaign on Thursdays. We've only gotten through character and campaign creation and the first scenario so far. I anticipate running this game for at least another couple of months.


I do technically have an ongoing GURPS campaign, but scheduling has meant we only play one session every few months. The campaign is a high-action zombie apocalypse game strongly inspired by the Left 4 Dead series of video games. We play online on Sundays with my friend who moved to North Carolina last year for work.

Shadowrun Anarchy

Toward the end of last year, I ran a session of Shadowrun Anarchy for a couple friends. We got through character creation and a mission both in about three hours, which was impressive. Plus the game was a lot of fun! We have another session scheduled in a couple of weeks, so I guess this is an ongoing game, too!

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