Space Patrol: Index

The following is an index of all of my posts on campaign notes for GURPS Space Patrol. I will try to keep this post up to date when I add more.


These sample characters are designed to fill out the crew of the SPS-2997 Kiran Bedi, a typical Jordan-class Patrol ship. They provide examples of all of the occupation templates.

Occupation Templates

Characters in Space Patrol are built using a combination of an occupation template and a dramatic template (below). Occupation templates define what you do on the ship.

Dramatic Templates

Dramatic templates are smaller than occupation templates and describe the role you play in the narrative, rather than the specific skills and shipboard functions you perform.


These articles describe rules necessary for Space Patrol that have been condensed and streamlined from the full GURPS rules.


A selection of equipment for Patrol officers.


Two ships in the Space Patrol setting, one for the Scout Service and one for the Patrol.


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